The Best Battery Systems For An Off-Grid Home

Which are the best battery systems for an off-grid home? As of 2020, lithium-ion is the best choice when it comes to off-grid battery systems.  This is due to it's longer life span, more efficient storage of energy, and deeper discharge rates. Lithium-ion batteries are not the most affordable, but over the long run, they […]

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Low-Cost Ways for Keeping Your Off-Grid Home Cool in The Summer

In this article, I'm going to discuss ways of keeping your off-grid home cool in the summer.  Keeping warm during frosty winters when you live off-grid isn't difficult, as long as you have an extra layer of clothing and a decent stockpile of wood. However, staying cool during summer days when the mercury is rising, […]

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Top Renewable Energy Sources for Off-Grid Homes

In this article, I'm going to share the top renewable energy sources for off-grid homes.  Off-grid living has seen an influx of interest due to rising electricity prices, growing environmental concerns, and a desire for freedom. More and more people have decided to go off the grid and produce their own power. To some, this […]

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Building and Living Off The Grid
This website is a resource dedicated to providing valuable content for people wanting to build and live off the grid.  We cover everything from finding the perfect piece of land, to construction, power generation, water and food.