The Best (and Worst) US States For Building Off The Grid

In this article I wanted to share my findings on which were the best (and worst) US States for building off the grid.  It isn't always wise to rely on the government for everything, especially these days. That's why many people are loosening the government's grip on them (and their pocketbooks) by going off-grid. This […]

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The 2020 Guide To Buying Land For An Off-Grid Home

In this article, we'll cover buying land for an off-grid home.  Homesteading or living off-grid has become highly popular in America. Accenture, a well-known consulting company, has estimated that 12% of American households will be living off-grid in the next 15 years. This rise in interest in living off-grid has come about because of the […]

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Building and Living Off The Grid
This website is a resource dedicated to providing valuable content for people wanting to build and live off the grid.  We cover everything from finding the perfect piece of land, to construction, power generation, water and food.